All Things October: Phoenix DAO

We have completed yet another month of PhoenixDAO with amazing updates. PhoenixDAO, with every update, has always ensured positive growth for the community while staying true to our goal.

While we move towards another successful month, here is a quick recap of October.


PhoenixDAO has bagged several mentions from various reputed crypto publications celebrating the growth of the community.

AMB Crypto

AMB Crypto is a reputed crypto publication that covered PhoenixDAO’s flagship dApp Events dApp that promotes secure ticketing.

Crypto News

PhoenixDAO’s Events dApp was mentioned by Crypto News as a revolutionary event management solution.

News BTC

PhoenixDAO’s Events dApp bagged another mention from one of the most reputed crypto publications, News BTC.


PhoenixDAO’s staking dApp was deemed as an intuitive dApp for earning interest and passive crypto rewards by CoinQuora. is one of the most popular crypto publications that covered PhoenixDAO’s Staking dApp.

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily covered PhoenixDAO’s various aspects, including:

  • The revolutionary DAO of PhoenixDAO.
  • PhoenixDAO Events dApp’s blockchain approach in securing the event management industry.
  • PhoenixDAO’s staking dApp and its high staking APY.

Influencer Mentions

PhoenixDAO also bagged various mentions from influencers such as The Flash and Altcoin Sara.

Dev Update

PhoenixDAO updated its Events dApp and fixed a few minor bugs and made the app more accessible for the users. The update included,

  • Better UI
  • Faster Access
  • Seamless Integration
  • Optimized functionality

Social Media Campaign

PhoenixDAO has been proactive in interacting with the community and offering insightful ways to earn rewards in form of quizzes and competitions.

Last month PhoenixDAO conducted a Trivia Week Campaign, which was a five-day campaign that included a series of creative quizzes, puzzles, brain teasers such as finding the missing text, spotting the hidden word, bingo, etc. We chose two winners that won $100 each.

PhoenixDAO also conducted an NFT giveaway worth $1000. It was a first of kind event by PhoenixDAO, which also introduced PhoenixDAO’s team’s new members. The lucky winner will receive $1,000 NFT from the ZED Run Collection.

Growth of PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is growing rapidly, and we are extremely grateful to the community members and partners for their undying support. Social media continued to grow throughout the month with an increase in profile visits by 36.9%.

About PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a decentralized and open-source project that provides expert services for payments, identity, tokenization, authentication and storage. It is powered by its dApps that helps the platform to generate revenue and stay autonomous.

To learn more about PhoenixDAO, check out their Discord, Telegram, Github, Twitter, or Reddit.




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