Dev Update (version 2.1): PhoenixDAO Events dApp Version

  • Better UI
  • Faster Access
  • Seamless Integration
  • Optimised functionality
  • The hero sliders now have links to the call to action. Now users can create an event by directly clicking on the below banner.
  • We have fixed the issue with some emojis that missed an automatically added space before them and after the text. While creating an event, some of the emojis in the side notification bubble were not spaced properly.
  • We have added Twitter Share dialogue which now populates data. When a user creates a new event, they will be automatically redirected to Twitter to share the event.
  • The addresses mentioned on the Events dApp now have Google map links assigned to them. The Google map link is added to provide ease of use to all the participants.
  • We have added the correct feedback form link. Earlier users could not submit their suggestions and feedback, which is now fixed. Users can now freely submit their feedback on the linked Google Form.
  • Event images sometimes stretch when uploaded, which is now fixed. Images uploaded to the event were not being scaled properly and showing disproportionate sizes. Now the images are aligned in the centre to ensure they fit perfectly.
  • We have added line height to FAQ/TOS. Earlier, the line spacing was off, making the text less eligible. With the updates, users can easily read all the FAQs and TOS.
  • The expired events on the calendar are now greyed out. Earlier, the past events seemed still live but now all the expired events are greyed out to provide ease of use to the users. Mouse pointers are also added to calendars to show they can be clicked.
  • We have aligned the feedback links with CTA. Earlier, the feedback Google Form link was misaligned, which is now aligned properly with the text.
  • We have also added a link to main-net Matic faucet for free Matic to cover event creation cost.
  • The issue with launched events not displaying content is fixed. Upon creation of an event, the user was not able to view the details of the event, which is now solved.
  • We have also fixed the issue of profile image stretching. Upon uploading the image to create a custom Avatar, the image seemed disproportionate, which is now adjusted for the image to fit perfectly within the space.
  • Link is added to the proper store if Metamask is not installed.
  • We have added “ing” to “Uploading”, “Confirming” and “Publishing” on event creation. Earlier, while uploading the data, the webpage showed words such as Upload Data, Confirm Transaction, and Publish event, which felt like a task for the user.
  • Country data is now in ascending order.
  • We have a friendly UI for mobile too.
  • Local events will now be shown in local time and UTC Time.
  • Display of message if the user is not on Matic or Ethereum
  • We will use a twitter API integration through our handle @myPHNXevent. Each time a new event is created on the events dApp platform, an automated tweet will be tweeted with a ‘NEW EVENT’ graphic and relevant event detail.



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