Development update — What’s next for the Event Marketplace

3 min readDec 28, 2021


The team have been talking for the last few weeks about how high priority features and improvements for the Event marketplace are key in preparing for a big adoption push. 2022 is going to be the year PhoenixDAO disrupt the Event industry! Here we share what is coming down the pipe early 2022.

Post launch the teams have been gathering feedback internally and more importantly from our users, this feedback has now been used to compile a list of high priority fixes and enhancements. The aim is to align these developments with the marketing/partnership push in the new year.

Removing pinch points and barriers to entry for event creators and general users looking to purchase tickets among monetizing the marketplace will see the dApp and project reaching new heights.

Below are some examples of questions that came up;

- What happens if an event is cancelled, the host cannot remove it from the marketplace nor can they easily contact/notify customers.

- Many users found the limitation of only being able to use the $PHNX token for ticket purchasing restrictive.

- Confusion and limitations for users when adding graphics to their events in order to get the best results in both the preview panel and event page.

- How does PhoenixDAO incentives the use of PHNX and capitalize on dApp usage

- Host creates an event and the location changes; how does the host update the detail without creating a whole new event?

Commencing 23.12.2021

Sprint 1

- Ticket Pricing — Ability to choose various currencies fiat/crypto and then lock the ticket prices so that users always receive the correct crypto/fiat value for their tickets. New assets will become available as part of sprint 2.

- Banner / Thumbnail images — Improve the flow and options for users to upload the perfect content for their events.

- Signature warning message — Improve the messaging to prevent users feeling nervous about transactions within the dApp.

- Claim Matic — Faucet UI improvements, feature allows users to claim free Matic to cover TX fees if required but needs to be nicely integrated into the UI..

- Approve/Buy — Enhanced UX/UI, a new modal will be created to minimize the friction around purchasing a ticket.

- Event creator wallet export — Event creators will be able to export a list of wallets which have purchased their tickets.

Sprint 2

  • Monetisation — Ability to support additional crypto currencies within the marketplace, here there will be small fees associated with crypto other than $PHNX, as an incentive to boost $PHNX usage users will incur zero fees when using $PHNX.

Sprint 3

- Edit an event — Event creators will have the option to edit an event after it’s been published.

- Cancel an event — Event creators will have the ability to cancel an event.

Sprint 4

  • Adding personal user details (email only)
  • Analytics/reporting
  • Event time/entry (clock UI)

In parallel to development the team will continue discussions with existing opportunities and use these enhancements to engage in new discussions around collaborations and partnerships.

2022 will be the year of usage!