Highlights From PhoenixDAO’s AMA: Plans for 2021, Scaling, and NFTs

Q: Please highlight what’s on your radar for 2021? Better put, tell us your short and long term plans for the PhoenixDAO project.

Q: Does the PhoenixDAO Project have enough resources (i.e. funds, community, and partnerships) to achieve its milestones?

Q: You’re currently domiciled on the Ethereum Blockchain, and we’re all aware of the problems it’s currently being faced with. Do you have plans to move to another chain? If not, there are many scaling/side chain solutions out there. Could you briefly tell us which you are looking at and why?

Q: Because public blockchains need users to succeed, they depend a lot on the development and participation of the community. What are PhoenixDAO’s community development plans and strategies?

Q: Penalties, slashing, and freezing are the three biggest risks in staking mechanisms. How does PhoenixDAO solve these problems?

I’ve heard you hint about NFT. Maybe not too explicitly, but can you tell us what you intend to achieve around that?



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