PhoenixDAO 2022 Update

4 min readApr 6, 2022


Hello Everyone,

Q1 has been and we’re now moving swiftly toward the two year anniversary of PhoenixDAO, we wanted to share some updates with you all.

The last 23 months have seen Phoenix grow from just a white paper, no funding, and a passionate, result hungry community to a fully fledged project, thousands of followers and supporters, growing reputation and so much more. DAO, Multi-chain (ETH, BSC, Polygon), Staking and Farming dApp, Event Marketplace all fully functional and being used today. The Founding team, ambassadors (past & present), intercontinental active community, active community programs and so much more have led the project to where it is today. The future looks bright.

From day one the team began this journey to realize the PhoenixDAO vision, that vision is to bring infrastructure to a point whereby everything can be handed over to the community, PhoenixDAO’s long term game plan has always been to be a fully self-sustaining community ran project, after almost two years of extremely hard work this is closer than ever to being realized.

Core Team Update
Since day one, the core team have been focused on one thing…PhoenixDAO’s success however, of course this comes with challenges not only ones relating to the project specifically but also personal ones too. Although the founding members had their own independent professional responsibilities and businesses to consider they went into PhoenixDAO willing to give it everything they could.

In 2021 it gradually became apparent that Syed PhoenixDAO’s Blockchain Director was no longer able to focus on PhoenixDAO as much as he would have liked or the project needed. In early 2022 Syed officially told the team that due to personal circumstances and growing pressures from his company Xord he would be moving to a much less proactive role within PhoenixDAO. As a show of good faith he happily forfeited any remaining PHNX from the initial distribution and remains open to seeing the Blockchain core team role being taken by someone new when the time comes. As part of this to maintain consistency Syed remains involved as an advisor and will support the team with filling the Blockchain Director role in due course. The Core team collectively agree that 2022 is the year to re-align core team roles and responsibilities, this may include a restructure and shake up but it’s areas like this the team would want you to have a say so expect more details around this over the coming months.

For a project like PhoenixDAO, it’s almost impossible to thrive without someone owning and driving the project from a technology standpoint. We all did and continue to do our best however, it’s been a huge challenge for the team as a whole to grow and evolve given a lack of technical lead and input meaning it has been fairly tough to align on the product and tech requirements.

Token Distribution — Core team

As of 02.2022 the initial Core team’s PHNX allocation has been fully distributed, with the exception of Syed’s forfeited tokens each of the four Core team members has received 1 million PHNX tokens within the schedule outlined in the Whitepaper. Future PHNX incentives for all active members of the project is another area which will be discussed and formulated over the coming months.

Xord Partnership

Xord has been a strategic partner of PhoenixDAO since launch, supporting PhoenixDAO with a full end-end development service, effectively the development arm for the project, as part of Syed’s update we were informed that Xord as a company are pivoting away from a service provider. Xord remains in place for the time being to host and support reactively however, this is another area where PhoenixDAO needs to re-access as they pivot and PhoenixDAO looks to become more decentralized.

Over the coming months the Core team are going to be finalizing how best to roll out a transition from where we are today to a far more decentralized project, this is going to open up wider opportunities to play a part in PhoenixDAO and as token holders begin making key decisions which will inevitably drive PhoenixDAO to new heights.


As a DAO the project shouldn’t have lifetime CEO’s/Directors, but rather a community of contributors and active participants. We’ve always had this philosophy in mind and that’s why we’ve been running with urgency to get PhoenixDAO to the point where everyone can be involved and led by delegates.

The Core team are open to any suggestions from the community and any proposals from other proven successful teams or projects that could see PhoenixDAO to new heights and milestones and will be bringing further updates related to team direction and opportunities in due course.

Thank you as always for your support and understanding.

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