PhoenixDAO — August Recap

We have completed yet another month of constant development and meaningful partnerships. Like every other month before, August was an exciting month with exciting news and additions to the growing PhoenixDAO ecosystem.

We are extremely grateful for the support shown by every member of our community and promise to supersede expectations in the coming months. Let’s take a look at what all happened in August.

DAO Soft launch

One of the most exciting things that happened in August was launching the revolutionary DAO of the PhoenixDAO ecosystem. PhoenixDAO is a community-led, decentralized, and open-source project that operates with the goal of making the crypto ecosystem more accessible to users. Our flagship dApps, Events dApp, and Staking dApp are already live and running.

This month, we launched the latest addition to the PhoenixDAO ecosystem, The DAO that will help us become self-sustainable and autonomous. With the launch of DAO, our token holders will now have the opportunity to participate in the governance of the platform. To participate in the governance, users have to stake PHNX tokens that will make them eligible for staking rewards.

We are thrilled about the launch of The DAO as token holders can now submit their proposals and vote on existing proposals, allowing them to vote on every PHNX grant decision.

SecurePad partnership

In other news, PhoenixDAO partnered with Secure Pad, a popular blockchain, and DeFi projects launchpad. This partnership was especially meaningful for PhoenixDAO as it will collaborate with SecurePad and Numio to design a revolutionary KYC verification system. Using this verification system, we will eliminate the pesky need for KYC verification every time a user participates in IDOs, airdrops, ICOs, etc.

Users will have to get their KYC done a single time via the Numio app, and they will be allotted an NFT as proof of KYC for all future campaigns. It will simplify the entire verification process without compromising on security and transparency. The partnership between SecurePad and PhoenixDAO also resulted in a SecurePad giveaway campaign and further benefits will roll out over time.

SecurePad Giveaway campaign

Earlier this month, PhoenixDAO conducted a giveaway campaign with SecurePad to offer both communities a chance to win exciting PHNX merchandise and token rewards.

Development update for PhoenixDAO Staking dApp

PhoenixDAO is constantly evolving its functionalities according to the market trends behind the scenes. While we are constantly working on multiple projects in parallel, we are very excited to bring an update on the largely anticipated PhoenixDAO staking V.2 platform.

The update in staking V.2 platform will mean the option to add liquidity directly in-app, variable APY up to 200%, no lock-in periods and daily earnings for the community.

Other News

What’s next for PhoenixDAO?

August was an eventful month for PhoenixDAO and the active participation from our community motivates us to develop and offer more services. In the future, we have several things in motion such as launch preparation for the newly improved Events Marketplace.

In the next quarter, we will launch ver 2 of Staking dApp with Layer 2 Scale enhancements. Apart from that, we also have several exciting partnerships and events planned for our community.




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