PhoenixDAO Events dApp Implementing the Polygon Sidechain Scaling Solution

Events, events and more events…we want to make everything an event.

Today marks a huge milestone in PhoenixDAO’s history, launching a groundbreaking dApp, names such as Travala showing their interest and not only that but the first Event Marketplace utilizing NFT technology getting ready to launch on Polygon.

Today the dApp is running smoothly on Ethereum and will remain that way as we see Ethereum evolve and become a more scalable solution. However, whilst waiting for a scaled Ethereum Network, the decision was made to find a scaling solution that gives PhoenixDAO, our community and users from all walks of life the ability to get the most from our platform without being hit with ridiculously high fees!

For this we’re working with Polygon, previously Matic Network. We are launching $PHNX and the Events Marketplace on their PoS chain and are aiming to do this early Q2. Just to tell, we’re closer than you think.

Earlier today we talked about disrupting the Event industry and we believe working with Polygon is going to be a huge step to making that happen. With fees being a fraction of a cent and network speeds which are close to instant it means we’re removing huge friction points for users.

Create your event…Own your event…Benefit from your event without hassle!!!

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