PhoenixDAO in The Month Of November

4 min readDec 9, 2021


Another month of PhoenixDAO has run its course, with some fantastic additions. With each release, PhoenixDAO has always guaranteed healthy development for the community while remaining true to our objectives.

Let’s take a look back at November as we look forward to another fantastic month, i.e December.


Numio payday

Seeing the year is gradually winding down, we have been hard at particularly reviewing all our announced and unannounced partnerships within the year, which to a great extent is revealing areas that need a ramp especially taking away the blockers that hasn’t allowed most to be as active as we’d want them to be. This means there’s much to look forward to in the days ahead. In the same vein, one of our most active partners, Numio has continued running it’s payday campaign where PHNX continues to enjoy the advantage of being featured on a fair number of occasions. Just to mention, partnership discussions is a continuum for us, and we’re not planning to stop now


PhoenixDAO has been mentioned in a number of renowned crypto publications, all of which have applauded the community’s progress.


As we approach 2022 and the industry’s rise of DeFi, some of the most flawless decentralized models, such as DAO, should be recognized. PhoenixDAO, as the pioneer, was given special recognition by NewsBTC in this regard.


CryptoNews has regarded Phoenix’s advantageous DAO structure to promote transparency by solely sustaining on revenue raised by its dApps and not through any donations.

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News covers the merits of DeFi while The goal of the PhoenixDAO Events dApp is to make it as simple as possible for event organizers to develop events, sell tickets, and collect payments securely.


Crypto potato glorifies PhoenixDAO as they create a revolutionary product yet again: The Bridge dApp provides a frictionless experience for users who want to switch between ERC20 and BEP20.

Crypto Daily

Phoenix bags not just one, but three honorable mentions by the Crypto Daily, one of the most popular publications in the industry. The platform gained mileage for version 2 of its staking dApp, how you can earn 200% while staking on PhoenixDAO and on the growth of virtual events.

Blog Posts (Medium)

  • With the release of the dApp’s V2 version earlier this year, PhoenixDAO’s staking dApp allows PHNX holders to stake and earn up to 200 percent APR. PHNX token holders may now farm PHNX Uniswap LP tokens to earn additional incentives while also increasing liquidity in the PHNX:ETH Uniswap pool.
  • PhoenixDAO upgraded its Events dApp, made a couple of changes, fixed some minor bugs, and made it more user-friendly. The following was incorporated in the update:
  • Integration of Uniswap and Quickswap on the platform
  • UI Changes
  • SEO friendliness
  • Optimized pages

Social media growth

The PhoenixDAO community is rapidly expanding across all major platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. We’d want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all of our community members for their unwavering support and involvement.


With 2,912 new impressions on recent tweets, the Twitter page gained 156 new followers in the last month. A tweet that topped the charts with 2381 new impressions and 1275 engagements was our collaboration announcement with Coin Fantasy.


Instagram, on the other hand, had a 54.3% boost in reach, with a 20.6% rise in new accounts engaging with PhoenixDAO’s posts.


Some of our posts that gained traction in the Reddit community are:

  • dApps like PhoenixDAO happen to be one of those applications that offer a lot more use-cases than cryptocurrency in general. These dApps make crypto more mainstream.
  • Investors in DAO-based systems like PhoenixDAO have voting rights, allowing them to know where every $PHNX is spent.
  • PhoenixDAO’s staking dApp is a great example of how staking platforms may benefit investors because it has one of the best payouts on the market.

Behind the scenes

Something which the team have been extremely conscious of is how their planning and strategizing during November has been perceived as slow. The team’s focus has been for good reason as PhoenixDAO is now closing in on the final preparations to go full steam into product adoption outreach, this begins with the Event Marketplace and there will be a development update released soon outlining how the team are cranking efforts up. .

Also on the agenda are hackathons to further develop the ecosystem, brainstorming ideas around incentives to build within the ecosystem and much.

Exploration — There are currently talks with a number of exchanges and metaverse platforms to establish synergies and costs to bring additional exposure to $PHNX and the ecosystem. Right now nothing is set in stone but our aim is to bring an update as soon as we can.

Don’t be mistaken, work doesn’t stop.

About PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a decentralized and open-source project that offers payment, identification, tokenization, authentication, and storage services. It is propelled by its dApps, which allow the platform to make income and remain self-contained.

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