PhoenixDAO — June Recap

June was a hectic month for the crypto ecosystem. Markets saw a harsh pull back across the board while, on the other hand,fundamentals continued to remain bullish. But, the month of June was especially happening for PhoenixDAO as from the launch of Events dApp to DAO internal testing, the PhoenixDAO community continued to see exciting news on the marketing front.

Here is a quick recap of all that happened in June.

Launch of Events dApp

PhoenixDAO previously unveiled its much-awaited Events dApp that offers digital identity-based solutions for the event ticketing and management industry. Events dApp offers users and organizers blockchain-powered payments, authentications, linked identity, and transparent solutions for the counterfeiting problems in the ticketing industry.

The Events dApp is powered by a $PHNX token and will help optimize the ticketing process by offering an alternative crypto platform for all users. Users can create free and paid events for any scale audience. The Events dApp was an instant success and has seen several events hosted this month. You can learn more about the dApp here.

PhoenixDAO Audited

The DAO in the PhoenixDAO ecosystem is an integral part that allows for the growth and development of the project. The DAO enables token holders to vote on the crucial decisions of the platform, providing PhoenixDAO autonomy.

The platform announced that it had been audited successfully to ensure optimization and security. PhoenixDAO also mentioned that the final testing has begun, which will spearhead the governance process. Users can participate in the beta testing to take part in the governance process and earn rewards.

Earlier this week, PhoenixDAO also hinted at gearing up for the launch of the DAO app, which will be a great addition to the ecosystem.

Staking dApp V2

PhoenixDAO is also preparing for the launch of v2 of their popular Staking dApp. The v2 will mean better rewards, better UI, and a more straightforward staking process for the users. PhoenixDAO is evidently leaving no stone unturned to provide the best services to their community. The launch of Staking dApp v2 will be a step in the right direction.


Partnerships are an essential part of the growth process for every project. It lets the platform bring in more use cases and services to the ecosystem and grow. PhoenixDAO recently entered into a strategic partnership with e-Money, a platform that offers non-USD backed assets. This partnership will promote crypto adoption by bringing in more investors.

Other News

  • At the beginning of the month, PhoenixDAO conducted a competition on Twitter where community members had to create unique PhoenixDAO hashtags to win exclusive merchandise and $PHNX tokens.
  • To celebrate the one-year anniversary of PhoenixDAO, Crypto Laurianna, a leading expert in DeFi, and MarTech space dressed up as a PHNX fairy. This news marks the growth of the PhoenixDAO ecosystem and goes to prove the increasing popularity of the disruptive project.

About PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a dApps platform that offers unique solutions to the current problem faced by the crypto world. With an aim to promote crypto adoption and revolutionize the way staking, DAOs and Events ticketing, and management industry work, PhoenixDAO offers three dApps:

  • Phoenix DAO
  • Staking dApp
  • Events dApp

The platform has been making new strides by updating its functionality to offer more optimized services to its community. The PhoenixDAO ecosystem is powered by the $PHNX token, which acts as the lifeline for all financial transactions on all its dApps. PhoenixDAO is a community-led project that utilizes internal protocols, including authentications, identity management, payment, and so on.

Find out more about PhoenixDAO:

Official Website:

White Paper:

Follow PhoenixDAO on Twitter and Telegram.




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