PhoenixDAO x CoinFantasy

A decentralized fantasy gaming platform is partnering with an events dApp, DAO, and staking dApp, which happens to be a PhoenixDAO and CoinFantasy integration!

PhoenixDAO will gain a competitive edge as a result of the partnership as CoinFantasy will allow it to explore fantasy games, GameFi, the metaverse, and play to earn. When CoinFantasy launches, PhoenixDAO being an events dApp, would be hosting game pools on the CoinFantasy platform.

The two communities will come forward to win massive prizes and rewards based on their participation. Participants can participate by optimizing the $PHNX tokens to power the pool.


A digital identity-based suite of protocols and products designed to power the new digital economy covering DeFi, NFT to decentralized governance through authentication, payments, and linked identity.

The PhoenixDAO events dApp offers the following:

  1. Event ticketing and administration software that is transparent and fraud-proof to increase revenue generation.
  2. PhoenixDAO Events dApp is designed to safeguard event attendees and a transparent peer to peer ticket transfers among users
  3. There will be no prejudice or unjustified censorship. Everyone is welcome to join from wherever and on the go… Boom.
  4. Everyone may own and profit from their content or knowledge base using Minted NFT tickets.


CoinFantasy being the world’s first decentralized fantasy game platform built on the Play-2-Earn paradigm for crypto-stock markets. They’ve developed a one-of-a-kind ZERO-LOSS game in which gamers earn money just by playing the game.

CoinFantasy’s goal is to gamify crypto-stock markets through various game genres, operating as a Layer 2 platform on top of the primary markets. It will first offer portfolio management fantasy Games, in which anybody may create a crypto/stock lineup and outwit their opponents to win prizes.

Users will mint uncommon NFTs that provide additional points in the game as they progress through the platform. Users may unlock these NFTs with varied qualities by playing in-game. On the site, users who own these collectible and transferable NFTs may begin earning a passive income.

Combining the two would bring a lot of traction to the platforms; CoinFantasy has a lot to get to the PhoenixDAO table:

  • First mover advantage

CoinFantasy has the first-mover advantage by initiating a fantasy league for Financial markets in GameFi. With PhoenixDAO on its side, this realm of GameFi combined with events is untouched and can create a new standard in gaming.

  • Decentralized

Phoenix being a DAO would ensure that the model remains decentralized and isn’t influenced by an organization.

  • Staking

Users can stake their rare NFT cards and characters on CoinFanatsy to earn passive income. With PhoenixDAO’s staking dApp and the interoperability with the $PHNX token, users can earn more interest and maximize their returns. While simultaneously boosting PhoenixDAO’s value proposition.

The dApp also offers ways to stake either using the spot staking functionality in V1.0 or the liquidity pool version in V2.0.

  • Metaverse

The CoinFantasy Metaverse is a financial hub with specific clubs for each coin.

As they progress through the stages, the player becomes eligible for the clubs’ special events, souvenirs, and in-game stuff.

PhoenixDAO will be able to enter the metaverse with this integration and incorporate its events staking dApp to continue ahead from there.

Stay tuned for more updates on the partnership as it progresses on CoinFantasy’s and Phoenix DAO’s social channels!




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