PhoenixDAO’s Events dApp Revamped!

3 min readSep 17, 2021


Being a community-dedicated platform, PhoenixDAO has always taken every step to ensure better services and ease of use for the community. From launching dApps to creating a DAO governing mechanism, all measures were taken to ensure a controlled and smooth transition from centralized to decentralized.

One of the flagship products of PhoenixDAO, Events dApp, has been through a makeover, now being launched better, faster, and smoother than ever. This update is curated by listening to the community’s suggestions and ensuring that the dApp operates pertaining to the latest industry trends.

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What is Events dApp?

PhoenixDAO aims to revolutionize the event management and ticketing industry by removing its inefficiencies. Events dApp uses blockchain technology and decentralized finance to eliminate counterfeit and duplicate tickets circulating on unofficial channels, bulk purchasing, limited hoarding of tickets to sell at a higher price, and unsafe payment methods.

The Events dApp is an Eventbrite style dApp that allows users to host events or purchase tickets for existing events. All the transactions are secured by blockchain and can be utilised on Polygon Network’s robust security solutions, which also facilitates low cost and fast transaction speed. Users also have the ability to switch to Ethereum if they desire.

For payments, the Events dApp uses the $PHNX token, the native token of the PhoenixDAO ecosystem. Over the coming months additional cryptos and on-ramp methods will be integrated into the platform which will not only encourage user growth but also revenue streams for PhoenixDAO.

Events dApp Revamped!

Following the successful launch of Events dApp, PhoenixDAO has been taking notes on how to improve the app interface and functionalities to provide an even smoother experience to the users. Events dApp is launching a new and improved version with the following new features:

  • Friendly UI

PhoenixDAO prides itself on providing easy-to-use dApps and has put in extra effort to ensure that new and non-tech savvy users can enjoy and navigate the Events dApp without any hassle.

  • Integrated Transak (Fiat onRamp)

PhoenixDAO has partnered with Transak to provide fiat onramps services and integrate fiat-to-crypto deposits and withdrawals quickly. The team are also in talks to streamline the process for purchasing tickets by having Transak support the $PHNX token, this will enable the purchase of $PHNX using a credit/debit card.

  • Multi-Chain Support

Now users can see and host events on their respective networks of choice between Ethereum and Polygon to offer advanced cross-chain interoperability.

  • Affiliate Program

Travala Affiliate program will give Events dApp users the ability to connect with one of the leading booking platforms with over 2,000,000 properties in 230 countries.

All these updates were carefully designed and curated to provide the best user experience to the community while making the dApp more rewarding and accessible.

About PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a next-gen decentralized platform that takes a three-pronged approach with a DAO (governance system), Staking dApp and Events dApp. PhoenixDAO is a community-led project that utilizes the DAO to become self-autonomous and utilize the revenue generated by its native dApp store.

PhoenixDAO apart from its unique products, houses robust protocols (Identity management, authentication, payment, and tokenization protocols) that empower the entire ecosystem.

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